10 ft Garage Cabinet Plans – 9 pc Set

10 ft Garage Cabinet Plans - 9 pc SetThis garage cabinet plan is a slight variation of the original 10 ft plan and modeled after these garage cabinets by Custom Garage Works in Dallas TX. Nice work!

Twelve sheets of plywood are required for this practical set of garage cabinet plans. You’ll spend some time getting the materials to your shop!

But, hard work aside, you’ll be getting a lot of storage from this plan. And the counter top area is 6 ft long – a good bit of space for working on other projects.

So here’s all the details featured in this plan :

  • 3 wall cabinets: 24″ w x 18″ h x 13″ d w/ 1 adj shelf
  • 2 base cabinets: 24″ w x 34 1/2″ h x 21″ d w/ 2 adj shelves
  • 1 base cabinet: 24″ w x 34 1/2″ h x 21″ d w/ 3 drawers
  • 1 plywood top
  • 2 tall utility cabinets: 24″ w x 84″ h x 23″ d w/ adj shelves

Probably Best for Experienced DIY’ers

This garage cabinet plan is appropriate for experienced DIY’ers. You should be able to build this in 2-3 days.

A Closer Look - 10 ft Garage Cabinet Plans - 9 pc Set


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Download the pdf for a closer look at the details . . .

Hardware required for this project:

If you’re a bit tight on space, take a look at these 8 ft garage cabinet plans.

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One thought on “10 ft Garage Cabinet Plans – 9 pc Set

  1. These cabinet plans are a great start to building my own garage cabinets, and should save me hours of time from laying out the various boards while minimizing waste. Once assembled and installed, these cabinets will give me plenty of storage space. Judging by the list of materials, the cost of building these cabinets will be a fraction of purchasing a similar size prefabricated cabinets, not to mention the quality of material and the satisfaction of saying ” I built these myself from scratch”. I can’t wait to get started.

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