10 ft Garage Cabinet Plans

10 ft Garage Cabinet Plans

This garage cabinet plan is modeled after the Tuff Stor 6 pc Garage Cabinet Storage System, but you’ll save yourself a lot of money by building your own garage cabinets.

Eleven sheets of plywood are required for this practical set of garage cabinet plans for 10 ft of space. The work top as shown is 5 ft long.

There’s a good mix of utility in this configuration. The plan features the following cabinets and their dimensions:

  • 2 wall cabinets: 30″ w x 24″ h x 13″ d w/ 2 adj shelves
  • 1 base cabinet: 30″ w x 34 1/2″ h x 21″ d w/ 2 adj shelves
  • 1 base cabinet: 30″ w x 34 1/2″ h x 21″ d w/ 3 drawers
  • 1 plywood top
  • 2 tall pantry cabinets w/ different configurations

The plans will show you how to cut all 11 sheets of plywood with cutting diagrams for each sheet.

Probably Best for Experienced DIY’ers

10 ft Garage Cabinet Plans OpenedDon’t spend a fortune for garage cabinets you can build yourself. This garage cabinet plan is appropriate for experienced DIY’ers. If you hustle, you should be able to build this in 2 days.


Download the pdf for a closer look at the details . . .

Hardware required for this project:

Here’s another 10 ft plan to look at if this one doesn’t suit you. Take a look at the 8 ft garage cabinet plans if you’re tight on space.

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Download the free garage cabinet plan to see how easy these cabinets are to build.

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One thought on “10 ft Garage Cabinet Plans

  1. Seth’s plans are very useful and allow you to save time and money by optimizing every cut.

    Seth has been incredibly responsive to any questions I have had. His system for building cabinets is very simple and anyone who can operate a circular saw should have no problems building these cabinets.

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