8 ft Plywood Garage Cabinet Plans

This garage cabinet plan is modeled after the Tuff Stor 6 pc Garage Cabinet Storage System. It’s 2 feet smaller in width, but you’ll save yourself a good bit of money by building these on your own.

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Build this practical set of garage cabinet plans for 8 ft of space with just 10 sheets of plywood.

This garage cabinet plan features the following cabinets and dimensions:

  • 2 wall cabinets: 24″ w x 24″ h x 13″ d w/ 2 adj shelves
  • 1 base cabinet: 24″ w x 34 1/2″ h x 21″ d w/ 2 adj shelves
  • 1 base cabinet: 24″ w x 34 1/2″ h x 21″ d w/ 3 drawers
  • 1 plywood top
  • 2 tall pantry cabinets w/ different configuration

Plywood Garage Cabinet Plans

Appropriate for Experienced DIY’ers

Don’t spend a fortune for garage cabinets you can build yourself. This garage cabinet plan is appropriate for experienced DIY’ers. If you hustle, you should be able to build this in 2 days.


► Download the pdf for a closer look at the details . . .

Hardware required for this project:

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Download the free garage cabinet plan to see how easy these cabinets are to build.

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