How To Build Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinet panel orientationLearning how to build garage cabinets is easy to understand with a garage cabinet plan, frameless cabinet construction and pocket hole joinery. And with 3/4″ thick plywood or sheet stock, you can build garage cabinets in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose plan – this determines the quantity of materials you will need
  2. Cut all the parts by following the plywood cutting diagrams in the plan
  3. Assemble the parts into a complete cabinet using pocket hole joinery

Let’s first take a look at how we assemble our garage cabinets – you’ll see how to build garage cabinets, and you’ll understand how easy the cutting diagrams will be to follow.


Learn how to build garage cabinets

Garage cabinet construction and assembly is easy with simple butt joints and frameless cabinet construction. No need for fancy dado cuts or rabbets – we’re going to cut big squares of wood and use pocket screws to join everything together.

(click the image for a better look)



Garage cabinet construction is easy


Orientation of all the panels is easy to understand.  The end panels (red) capture the top, bottom and back panels.

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Build garage cabinets with pocket screws


Next, simply drill some pocket holes in the top, bottom and back panels, then you’re ready for some assembly.

If your skills are good with pocket hole joinery, then you’re all set.


Learning How to Build Garage Cabinets is Not Hard . . .

Building wood garage cabinets is not hard. You just need a plan to follow, and some simple woodworking skills – the most important of which is learning how to cut plywood properly and easily!

With that in mind,  let’s take a look at cutting the plywood for  your garage cabinets. Building garage cabinets from plywood is easy. If you can make a simple jig, cutting plywood becomes a breeze!


Beautiful Garage Cabinets

Don’t think these are cheap looking cabinets; on the contrary, these can be serve as beautiful indoor storage cabinets or even kitchen cabinets. It’s really up to you and your skills. Here’s a small project I completed earlier this year using this construction method. The only difference is that I used frame and panel doors instead of slab cabinet doors.

New to cabinet making? Here’s a quick lesson on pocket hole joinery.

Now that you’ve learned how to build garage cabinets, are you ready to get started? Here’s a free garage cabinet plan to download. Or see all garage cabinet plans listed in the blue menu bar above.

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