Pocket Hole Joinery

kreg-jig-k4The garage cabinet plans on this site are built using frameless cabinet construction and pocket hole joinery. Here’s a quick look at the Kreg jig details and how it makes for easy work in drilling pocket holes (link opens in a new window).

Specifically, as it relates to building garage cabinets, we’re interested in 90 degree panel joints. This video gives a better idea of how we’ll be working:



All of the pocket holes are cut and oriented so that they are on the exterior of the garage cabinet. It makes for easier assembly and a “cleaner” look on the inside of the cabinet.

Build garage cabinets with pocket screws

Next, let’s take a look at cutting plywood for garage cabinets. Or download a free garage cabinet plan to see how easy this is.

Now you can add adjustable shelf pin holes for your cabinets. Using the Kreg shelf pin jig makes the task really easy.


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