Cutting Plywood with a Circular Saw

Cutting plywood with a circular saw can be a challenging task, but here’s a good (and short) video to show you how to make a plywood cutting guide and how to use it. Thanks to Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor of This Old House for showing us how to make perfectly straight cuts using a circular saw. You will use this circular saw jig over and over again.


Now, all you have to do is  follow the plywood cutting diagrams to build your very own garage cabinets. Download the free garage cabinet plan to see how easy it is.

Once you have all your cabinet parts cut, you then have to join them together. It’s simply a big jigsaw puzzle. And everything goes together with pocket hole joinery.

Now, just choose a plan suitable for you; take a look at all the plans based on size in the blue menu bar above.

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Cut Plywood with a Circular Saw

Need more help with cutting plywood? Take a look at Michael Dekker’s article.

The easiest way to cut plywood is with a track saw. The tools are designed for precision cutting and will make your work easier. Though expensive compared to a regular circular saw, you will save a bunch of time cutting your plywood.




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