Easy 4 Ft Garage Cabinet Plans

Easy 4 ft Garage Cabinet PlansThis garage cabinet plan is easy to build and certainly one that is appropriate for beginners. If you’re handy with tools, you should be able to build this in a day – maybe 2 days for beginners.

Four sheets of plywood are the materials you need for this useful and basic storage configuration designed for 4 ft of space.

Here are the details and dimensions for the cabinets in this plan:

  • 2 garage wall cabinets: 24″ w x 30″ h x 13″ deep
  • 2 garage base cabinets: 24″ w x 34 1/2″ h x 21″ deep
  • 1 plywood top
  • 2 adjustable shelves in each cabinet


Easy 4 ft Garage Cabinet Plans - Close-up

Beginners Welcome !

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